How to Get Bulbasaur in Pokemon Quest

How to Get Bulbasaur in Pokemon Quest

Among the many foods you can eat while on a Pokemon Quest, Sludge Soup is one that offers the highest chances of luring Bulbasaur. Other foods to try include Yellow Curry and Mulligan Stew. However, if you want to get a better chance of luring Bulbasaur, try using the special recipe version of Sludge Soup. This will give you over 50% chances of luring Bulbasaur to the area where you are playing. The base versions of Sludge Soup, on the other hand, only yield about 1%.

Sludge soup

In the Pokemon Quest, cooking a special recipe can lure a Bulbasaur to your camp. There are four different recipes, and each one will increase your chances of catching Bulbasaur. These recipes can be crafted from the Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube recipe and can help you earn Mystical Shells, which are needed to lure the Bulbasaur.

The recipes for this unique Pokemon have varying levels of difficulty, and can be very time-consuming. To start, it’s a good idea to make a higher-quality version of the recipes. The higher-quality versions will yield rarer Pokemon.

Sludge soup is one of the dishes that offers the best chance of attracting Bulbasaur. The best version of this recipe is the ‘Special’ version. The other three variants are the ‘Normal’ version and ‘Very Good’ version.

There are several types of Sludge Soup. The recipe you choose will depend on what ingredients you have. These recipes can be made from a variety of rare items. You can also combine different ingredients together to create a delicious soup. This recipe attracts Grass, Normal, and Poison Pokemon.

Mulligan Stew

In Pokemon Quest, you can attract rare Pokemon by cooking different types of food and the recipe for Mulligan Stew is a great way to do so. It can attract common Pokemon, legendaries, and rare Pokemon. You can cook Mulligan Stew a la Cube using only five ingredients. However, it’s important to note that the ingredients for this recipe cannot be used for another recipe. For example, you can’t make Mulligan Stew a la Cube if you use Tiny Mushrooms. Instead, you can make Red Stew using Tiny Mushrooms, which is a very common food source in Tumblecube Island. You can also use the Bronze Pot, which uses 10 ingredients. When you’re cooking meals in the Bronze Pot, you’ll attract a variety of Pokemon, including some Legendary Pokemon

There are a variety of different recipes in Pokemon Quest, each requiring a different set of ingredients. The recipes in the game aren’t the same, so it’s important to know which ingredients you need to gather in order to create the best recipes. Thankfully, there’s a guide that will help you make them as easily as possible.

Mystical Shells are another important ingredient. These can be found randomly throughout the game, and they’re used in a variety of recipes. These shells are different from Rainbow Matter, which can be used to replace other ingredients. This recipe will attract rare pokemon, so it’s important to collect these shells to get the best results.

A few other ingredients that you may need to use in making Mulligan Stew are Fossil and apricorns. Those ingredients will attract Red Pokemon, while Blue Soda will attract Blue Pokemon. These ingredients can be found in a variety of places, so they’re essential for making Mulligan Stew.


In Pokemon Quest, the OG Grass starter is Bulbasaur. This Pok√©mon evolves into a high-level Venusaur, which has 550 HP and 150 Attack at level 36. It’s a front-line tank that gets decent Attack bonuses with Grass moves.

It can be obtained by trading with someone who already has Squirtle. It can also be obtained through GTS and Surprise Trade. Some people also obtain Bulbasaur through hacking’mons. But you must be careful, as this method is not recommended.

The best Pokemon to use in Pokemon Quest are those that have good stats and are good at fighting. Charmander is best for defense while Pikachu is good for offense. You can also use Eevee for both offensive and defensive play. You need three Pokemon in your party, but you can also switch between them if you wish.

After you have acquired all the other Pokemon, you can try to defeat Professor Leon. He is the champion of the Galar Pokemon League and has a team made of level 64 Pokemon. This boss is very challenging and you should be prepared for the fight.

Once you have Squirtle, you can try to get a Bulbasaur by training it. It costs 150 PM Tickets, and you get 50 Experience if you use it in training. It can be upgraded by the same way as Charmander and Squirtle, but it is weaker.

Bulbasaur is one of the most sought after Pokemon in Pokemon Quest. You can obtain it by using a special recipe. These recipes have a high chance of attracting the Pokemon. These recipes can be obtained from the hub of the game.

Charmander evolution

Charmander is a cute Fire-type Pokemon that evolves into Charmeleon at level 16. This Fire-type Pokemon was introduced in the Pokemon Red and Blue games, and it was one of the most popular Pokemon at launch. Its base stats are 50 and it has a diverse move pool. It is the perfect Pokemon to evolve into if you are looking for a unique look and powerful attack.

Charmander evolves into charmeleon and charizard at levels 16 and 36. These two Pokemon are very similar in terms of abilities and their strengths and weaknesses, but there are some differences. Here are the top strategies for each of them. Using the best strategies will ensure an easy win.

Evolution is an important part of Pokemon games, and the same applies to Pokemon Quest. In Pokemon Quest, you will find different stages for each species. You can also evolve your wild Pokemon by cooking food. The game is incredibly popular with children and is a great way to learn about the different stages of evolution.

When you first get a Pokemon, it is important to remember that you need to level it up before it can evolve. If you do not level your Pokemon up, it will just play the role of a Jolteon. This is because the new Pokemon will not evolve until its level reaches that level, and Eevee will not evolve until level 36.

Getting a Shiny Dratini

If you’re not familiar with Dratini’s ability to evolve into a Shiny version, you’re not alone. In the Pokemon games, it isn’t easy to find these elusive Pokemon in the wild. However, it is possible to get a shiny Dratini if you know where to look for them. Dratini are Dragon-Type Pokemon that can evolve into Draco Air, Draco Meteor, and Dragonite.

The best place to find a Shiny Dratini is in a Pokemon quest in which you are seeking the Dratini. This Pokemon has a pink color, and it will spawn a lot during the hour. If you can’t find a Dratini in this area, try searching for it in another location, and if you fail, evolve a regular Dratini into a Shiny. You can also get one by catching Wartortle and evolving it into a Blastoise.

There are nine recipes that will help you to attract Dratini to your base camp. You can also make Blue Soda a la Cube using blue ingredients. This recipe will also attract higher level Pokemon. Make sure to use a higher-tier cooking pot so that you can attract higher level Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon are more common in Pokemon Quest compared to other games, as they have higher chances and are easier to obtain. Unlike other games, there is no established pattern for getting shiny Pokemon, but the chances of catching one are pretty good. In other games, you need to befriend the Pokemon in a quest in order to get them. The best way to do this is to try to lure them to Base Camp.