How to Get to Route 14 in Pokémon Y

How to Get to Route 14 in Pokémon Y

If you are wondering how to get to Route 14 in Pokémon Y, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will show you how to reach Lysandre Cafe, ambrette town, and the Dusk Stone. Hopefully, this will help you on your journey through this enchanting game.

Where is Route 14 in Pokémon?

Route 14 is located on the southwest side of Route 15 in Pokémon. In Route 14, you can find two rare items – a Rare Candy and a Big Mushroom. The two items are used to train your Pokemon. In Route 14, you can also find Zeek and Felix. You can defeat them to obtain P1,064 and three Poke Balls. You can also find a Nugget in a patch of tall grass.

To get to Route 14, you have to go to the swamp east of the scary house. The next items are a Spell Tag and a Revive, both of which can be found in a ledge. These items can be used to level up your Pokemon instantly. You can also find master trainers in Route 14.

Route 14 is located in southeastern Kanto. It is located west of Fuchsia City. It is also possible to find Scyther here. When you battle an NPC Pokemon, it grows three to four times stronger each time.

How do I get to Lysandre Cafe?

The Lysandre Cafe is a popular hangout for Pokémon trainers, and a very common question is “How do I get there?” It’s actually easier than you might think. This place is located in B3 and is located in the town of Lysandre. You’ll find it by following the arrows that are in the south part of the building. As you head south, you’ll find an elevator. Once you’re inside, you’ll find Mable. Once there, she’ll challenge you to a battle.

The first way to get to the Lysandre Cafe is to visit the Lysandre Labs. This is where team red has their headquarters and where Lysandre will give you the Holo Caster. This cafe is located on the first floor. After you’ve entered, walk through the door and turn left. You’ll then find a man named Lysandre on the first floor.

The Lysandre Cafe is located in Magenta Plaza. It’s the fourth building in the game. A team of Team Flare Grunts guards the door. Once inside, you’ll need to battle the Team Flare Lysandre. This battle will require you to use Lv. 45 Mienfoo, Lv. 49 Gyarados, and Lv. 45 Murkrow. You’ll have to fight them if you want to see the next level. Once you’re through the battle, the player can take the elevator to B2 and find the freakishly tall man. Once inside, you’ll be challenged with a touching story. The player must then look for the scientist with the key to the elevator.

How do you get to ambrette town in Pokémon Y?

Coastal Kalos is home to the small town of Ambrette. This town connects Route 8 in the north with Route 9 in the east. It has a few places worth visiting. There is a Pokemon Center, but there aren’t many things of interest. The Poke Mart has the same items you found in the last town, and you can also get the TM96 Nature Power in the Ambrette Hotel, which is located up the stairs.

The south part of Ambrette Town has the Hotel Ambrette. Here, you can talk to a girl and get a TM96 Nature Power. This move changes into different moves based on the terrain. When you are on a sandy surface, it changes to Energy Ball, while in a building or a link battle, it changes to Tri Attack.

The Fossil Lab is the next place to visit, where you will encounter Calum and Serena, the two Mega Pokemon investigators. After completing the Fossil Lab, you can leave the cave, or you can use the Escape Rope to return to the cave entrance. After you’ve collected the fossils, you’ll need to visit the Fossil Lab and Aquarium Building in Ambrette Town.

Where do u find a dusk stone in Pokémon Y?

The Dusk Stone is a type of evolution item that allows you to evolve certain Pokémon. You can use it to evolve some Pokémon like Lampent and Doublade. The Dusk Stone can also be used to evolve Psychic Inver and Psychic Raichu, which are located on Route 18. The stone can also be used to evolve other Pokémon such as Honckmagius.

The Dusk Stone can be found in a variety of locations. First, you must travel to Stow-on-Side using the Flying Taxi. You can then use it on a variety of Pokémon including Doublade and Aegislash. When you have obtained the Dusk Stone, you can learn Aegislash moves and evolve the Pokémon.

The Dusk Stone can also be found in the Poni Wilds. You can also get it at the Malie Community Center. This item is very useful for training your Pokemon. It can also help you find rare items in the game. However, you must make sure that you get it as soon as possible.

Where does it rain in Kalos?

In Pokemon Y, rain can be very beneficial to Pokemon. It can help you evolve your Pokemon faster. For example, the rain in Route 14 helps you evolve Goomy. The best way to evolve Goomy fast is to use rare candies. Another option is to use Exp. Upgrades to increase its level.

However, rain is not always a good option. Not only does it give your Pokemon an extra benefit, it can also activate Sand Rush Excadrill. At the beginning of the game, rain was very little used, but as new threats and playstyles were being explored, rain was an important feature. The first game in the series featured Politoed, who introduced the rain team to the metagame.

How rare is Beldum in Pokémon brick bronze?

Beldum is a Ghost-type Pokémon. It emits a magnetic force from its rear, which helps it skewer its opponents. This Pokémon can also communicate with other Pokémon by sending magnetic pulses. It can evade attacks from other Pokémon and can evade physical attacks with its powerful claws.

Where is the Lysandre cafe in Pokemon Y?

The Lysandre cafe is a location in Pokemon Y that you can visit if you’re stuck in the Magenta Plaza area. This place is also where you’ll meet Professor Sycamore. He will give you a Holo Clip if you complete a Gym, and then he’ll tell you to meet him at the Lysandre cafe in Magneta Plaza. The Lysandre cafe is located between Magenta Plaza and Autumnal Avenue in the Anistar City region.

To get there, you first need to fight Team Flare Grunt. This is a difficult fight, so you must be ready to make sure you have a strong Pokemon. This battle is important, since you’ll need to use the Elevator Key to access the Lysandre Labs.

The Lysandre Cafe is also the hiding place of Team Flare. You can see Team Flare members inside, disguised as Team Flare Grunts. The cafe also contains a bookshelf where Team Flare’s secret hideout is located.

What do you do after beating Olympia in Pokemon Y?

If you haven’t already done so, there are two parts to beating Olympia in Pokemon Y. The first is the gym, which looks like a maze. On one side, it has a dead end, while on the other, it has a series of forks. You can choose to continue east or west, but you’ll want to stick to the central path. This will lead you to the trainer Paschal. After defeating him, you’ll receive the Psychic Badge and TM04 Calm Mind.

Once you’ve completed the gym, you’ll be able to move on to the gym in Anistar City. You’ll have to make sure to use the right moves and Pokemon to win. You’ll want to make sure your Pokemon have moves that deal with psychic types, such as Pikachu, Sigilyph, and Meowstic, which will have a strong Psychic attack. You’ll also want to use Pokemon with crunch to counter the psychic types.

After defeating Olympia, you’ll be granted the Psychic Badge, which can be used by Pokemon up to Level 90. You’ll also get TM04 Calm Mind, which can be useful to use when battling Team Flare. Afterward, you’ll be able to speak to your rival, who will give you a Holo Clip. In Lumiose City, you’ll also find clues to Team Flare’s hideout.